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All About the Sitter Session

I am so excited to introduce the sitter session. These short sessions are ideal for babies aged 6-12 months that are able to sit unaided. All ages are great for but for me I just adore this age, their mannerisms and personality really start to shine through. You get all the expressions too. They may have just learnt to clap their hands, they're able to touch their toes. And their smile!

Some babies might be unsure at first, and that's totally fine. I may spend some time with them talking to them, encouraging them to play before I even take a picture. We may need to stop for a snack, they might want a cuddle and that's also fine. I let your baby take the lead. My aim is to capture all of them, smile or no smile, at this precious age.

My photography is minimalist and classic. Props might included some white balloons, wooden play cubes or tonal blankets and I have some beautiful handmade knitted items for your little one to wear.

If you are interested in booking a session or would like some more info then please click here. Emma X

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